Simple Process & Compliance

CoAuditor is a simple and powerful way to manage your enterprise’s compliances and procedures

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Enforce, Monitor
& Regulate Compliance with Ease

CoAuditor gives you the flexibility to enforce standards and customize your compliance policies.

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Proactively Manage Legal
Compliance & Entity Management
by Maximizing Business Value

Manage and track your compliances

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The Simplest & Most Effective Way to Create, Manage & Track Your Compliances and Processes

Easily Build Your Process Template

Schedule, Assign & Run Multiple Instances

Compile a

Real-Time monitoring and Quick Reporting

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On Demand Reports

CoAuditor has the capability to create the reports whenever you want

Secured With Encryption

CoAuditor has adopted encryption standard AES256. Thereby secures your confidential document and data


CoAuditor notifies you about your upcoming schedule on dashboard and also sends the user an email about the same

Tamper Proof

It has digitally signed documents so that no modifications can be made

Comprehensive Graphical Reports

CoAuditor creates different type of comprehensive and graphical standard weekly reports

Public library of templates

The better way to govern your business

Build a robust internal control framework and encourage a culture of good governance within your organization with CoAuditor's Governance, Risk and Compliance Management platform.

I'm using Spreadsheets for Compliance

Why it's time to upgrade?


  • Do you have a framework to monitor Compliances across all entities, locations and departments?
  • Do you have a centralised repository of your key documents like Contracts, Registrations, Assessments, IPR, etc.?
  • Are you confident of compliance with documented Policies and Processes?
  • Are you managing your Enterprise Risks efficiently?
  • Are you Internal Controls operating effectively as per defined Risk and Control Matrices?
  • If the answer to some or all of the above questions is "NO", then high time that you looked at establishing a Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework in your organization.

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