Compliance Ecosystem

Bring entire risk ecosystem of internal process and regulatory compliance under one single platform to manage a wide range of risks and related activities in a systematic and integrated manner. It facilitates to identify, access, monitor and manage enterprise risks effectively.

Workflow Management

  • Dynamically manage compliances
  • Assign responsibility for each compliance by user roles and functions
    • Implement maker and checker by adding multiple layers of approvers
    • Upto 5 layers of defence - Performer, Approver, Group Owner, CXO & Auditor
  • Approve, Reject, Reallocate compliance tasks
  • Integrate 3rd parties (Vendors & Service providers) for compliance reporting
  • For event base compliance, restrict trigger rights, define the approver if required

Highly Customisable

  • Map multiple group companies in single instance.
  • Flexibility to allocated responsibility at each checkpoint level.
  • Re-define the compliance to requirement and applicability.

Technology, Security & Availability

Build on most advanced platform & hosted on AWS, our solution is feature rich, intuitive and easy to use

  • Data Encryption using AES 256
  • Strong password policy enforced

    High Password strength and account lock feature for suspicious activity

  • Dual factor authentication

    OTP or Security question in addition to User credentials (ID and Password)

  • User Activity logging for incident prevention

    CoAuditor generates user activity audit log to monitor user actions

  • 24X7X365 Available on web platform

    Login the website at any time

  • Supports all popular browsers

    Login CoAuditor using any browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

  • Multiple daily, weekly, monthly backups

    There are multiple backups available for the users as daily, weekly or monthly



Auto Populated Calendars

  • Keep an eye on your upcoming responsibilities through calendar notifications
  • Gets Auto populated for entire fiscal; enables effort planning & budgeting
  • Configure periodicity basis criticality and maturity of the function
  • Define Pre & Post compliance dependencies along with target dates for different user
  • Intuitive calendar with list view options

Evidence mapping

  • Upload documents to indicate completion of responsibilities and ensure compliance with internal and regulatory requirements.
  • Option to Upload Evidence by both performer & approver along with Comments.
  • Add Confidentiality tag for each document.
  • Temper proofing of document - Once uploaded, deletion, modification not allowed.

Intuitive Reports & Dashboards

  • Interactive dashboards with drill down, trend charts, location & function wise heat maps
  • Global Heat Map with drill down to country and state levels
  • Download report in Excel, CSV, Pdf
  • Schedule report for auto mailing on defined date and time every week / month

Value Added Innovative Features

  • Integrated Ticket Centre allowing users to raise support tickets, get resolution, rate responses
  • Manuals, Videos to help user learn the system
  • User can customise Notification, Reminder settings; define frequency & periodicity
  • Audit Trails for every change in compliance status by user & User rights, setting by Admin
  • Contact Directory with user details

Managing compliance has never been easier!

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